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Explore a world of opportunities and see how our Future Leaders Programme can kick-start your career!

Our management traineeship is an intensive 3-year program that provides you with all the tools to become a great leader, trusted specialist or sales champion. You will have the opportunity to create your own career path within Mainfreight Europe. This traineeship is all about developing you!


Your journey

Right from the start, you will get to work in an operational role and on projects whilst benefiting from a clearly defined structure of training and coaching. You will fulfill two or three different roles during the program. Each role has its own specific responsibilities and challenges. From driving a forklift and handling shipments, doing sales calls, visiting customers, leading a team to strategizing with experienced managers. You will be active in the full range of supply chain management activities!

You can follow an international career path as well as a local career path and you can fulfill roles in different disciplines. You do not have to choose from the start, you will create your own career on the way! Because we know that ambitions and interests change while your are developing and growing.

Our offer

You will learn on the job and through involvement in (strategic) improvement projects whilst being coached. Furthermore we yearly provide excellent leadership courses and team building activities. Next to this, quarterly you will participate in our so called Future Leaders sessions which are designed to be inspirational and visionary as our European executive team is involved as well. In addition, the coordinator of our trainee programme as well as internal and external coaches will be there to help you identifying your strengths, improvement areas and how to deal with the challenges you definitely will face during your career at Mainfreight.

We have a ‘promote from within’ philosophy which means we are committed to develop you further. After the 3-year programme, we will continue to invest in you. Former trainees of the program are now on roles such as Logistic Operations Manager, Air & Ocean Branch Manager, Forwarding Business Unit Manager, European Sales Manager or European Controller.

Our expectations

Our traineeship is for ambitious high potential people who are looking for a long term relationship in a special company where you can develop and grow your career! The requirements you need to fulfill are:

  • You are recently graduated with a bachelor or master degree;
  • You hold a European, Russian or Ukrainian passport;
  • You have a passion to work in the Supply Chain industry;
  • You have a high command of English language and you are a native speaker of the Dutch, French, German, Romanian, Polish, Ukrain or Russian language.
  • You want to develop and grow yourself.
Claire van Welzenis

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Claire van Welzenis Training & Development
+31 314 67 2889 [javascript protected email address]


Former Trainees

Jules Branswyck
Jules Branswyck 2011 graduate "The last three years have been a real adventure and most of all a personal journey!" Read story

Jules Branswyck

“Providing worldwide Supply Chain solutions while treasuring a warm family culture”. I experienced it to be a hard to find combo as I just graduated from Business & Mathematics at Ghent University. I had high hopes getting in touch with Mainfreight and their Management Trainee program had the full potential to combine this with opportunities in professional and personal growth. I soon discovered Mainfreight lived up to their promise, and how!

Professional growth is enabled by the several job rotations that allowed me to get to know the Mainfreight business inside out. I started off in our Forwarding branch in Ostend (Belgium) where I was responsible for quality control and process optimization in the national forwarding department. Being involved with our drivers on a daily basis really thought me a lot about our core business. Afterwards I moved to ‘s-Heerenberg (The Netherlands) where I found my passion for Logistics and IT. I was involved in the implementation of a brand new Customer IT application and had the responsibility to coordinate customer demands with our IT team in New Zealand. Pretty fast I became Team Leader where I managed and coached my own team, motivating them to continuously improve day by day.

For projects and customer visits I even traveled to Romania and Chicago. Day-to-day responsibilities are combined with special projects sponsored by our management ensuring that Management Trainees at Mainfreight can act on operational, tactical and strategic level.

The Traineeship also puts a high focus on personal growth. Leadership training courses, regular session with all the European trainees, team building trips... They all contribute to getting to know yourself and how you fit in to the Mainfreight family. Personally, I actually get a lot out of the daily feedback I receive from my manager because every time it equals an opportunity to improve myself continuously.

The last three years have been a real adventure and most of all a personal journey. My next step takes me to our Logistics branch in Mainfreight New York where I will be Business Analyst in the national sales team. It is difficult to capture the Mainfreight Management Traineeship in a few words. I always say that every Management Trainee follows a unique path yet all of them follow the Mainfreight Way.

Liane Philipsen - European Sales Director

I would never have thought I would start working for a Logistic Services Provider…In the meanwhile I have spent 20 years of my life with Mainfreight so there must be something special about this company. After finishing my Master in Business Administration I started to work for Mainfreight. I knew the company already since I was working as a temp earning some extra money during my studies at the University. Already at that moment of time I experienced the relaxed atmosphere and the feeling of being one of the team.

My first job was at Logistics. From day one I was able to participate in several projects and at the same time I was responsible for a part of the operations. What I really liked is that thinking about and the implementing of improvements in a team environment can make a big impact in the supply chain. After a couple of years in operations and later on in sales as a business development manager I became responsible for our Logistics branch in ‘s-Heerenberg. Since the last 4,5 years I am responsible as the European Sales Director for the development of the sales and the sales teams in Europe for all our three business units. Since there is never a dull moment in our company my next step is already know: as of January first I will be the Business Unit Director for Logistics Europe wide. Pretty cool for someone that started as a temp in the warehouse!

If you are willing to put you passion in your job and are willing to learn in an constantly changing environment Mainfreight is the company to join.

Your application journey

  • Application
    1. Application

    Send a complete curriculum vitae accompanied by a motivation letter in English, clearly outlining why you want to join our traineeship and Mainfreight. You will hear from us very soon, whether it is a yes or a no.

  • Phonecall
    2. Phonecall

    If yes, we will arrange a short phone call with you. This will allow us to get to know each other.

  • First interview
    3. First interview

    If all goes well, we will invite you for a first interview. We want to get to know you as an individual, your personality, and what you could bring to us. It's also an opportunity for you to ask us any questions you have about Mainfreight and our traineeship.

  • Final interview
    4. Final interview

    Prior to your final interview you will be invited to complete a personality assessment, which provides you insights in your work preferences.

    In this phase we try to clearly identify your potential. You will also get the chance to see the location and meet the team!

  • Job offer
    5. Job offer

    We will contact you to let you know the outcome of your interview as soon as possible after the second interview. If you've been successful, we will make you a job offer.

  • Welcome at Mainfreight
    6. Welcome at Mainfreight

    Your Mainfreight adventure is about to start!

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